vrijdag 9 januari 2015

‘Behold! The bridegroom is coming! Come out to meet him!’

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  1. +Oopsie Daisie Doosie You call me your brother, and I sure want to be your brother in Christ JESUS, but may I know your first name, since my real first name is Hans?
    If a question like you've asked me would spring to mind, I would search the internet, while being connected to the Father through the Holy Spirit, asking Him to help me in my search, and of course I would rely on what the Bible has to say about it.
    My simple answer to your question is: that I do not know more than you do, and that I'm patiently waiting till everything's being prepared for the rapture, while I'm following JESUS the way He has created me and in the circumstances in which He has placed me.

    Just follow the news and see that the stage is being set for the Psalm 83-war and the subsequent Ezekiel 38/39-war, wich will happen AFTER the pre-times for trouble of Jacob=Israel-rapture, which is a better term than the the term 'pre-tribulation-rapture', because it emphasizes the fact that the prophetic word is firstly about ISRAEL.

    In the meantime we're still having this assignment of our 'commander in chief', the Lord JESUS, to go forth and tell the gospel to anyone who wants to listen, because this is more important than waiting till we're gone.

    I know people who waited almost all their lives on the rapture, who have passed away.
    They're now asleep, awaiting the resurrection of the dead and....the rapture.

    Their earthly lives are over and done, and they don't have to worry about anything anymore, and sometimes I envy them a little.

    When I looked at the face of my deceased dad in the summer of 1985, I thought: 'hey, papa, you're now there where I want to be, and you've never been a follower of JESUS like me!', and you have to know that I believe my dad was being saved when he was dying a very rotten death, bleeding to death inside.
    When he died I already was a JESUS-follower for one and a half year.
    My dad was an atheist, and a terrible scoffer, and an alcoholic, a chain-smoker, living a very unhealthy lifestyle, but I had been able to communicate the most important message to him that God had become my NEW Father, but that He wanted to be his Father too, and that He was/is JESUS!

    He thought I had become insane, but I'm sure he thought about it when he was in shock like a fatally wounded animal.

    The Lord JESUS be with us, and He's coming!


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